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We order our bows from a distributor in Pensylvania. If you buy a bow from us and have a issue that is covered under warranty you'll have to go see a authorized dealer for that bow. You could pay labor charges in the exess of $50.00 an hour.


The bows we can order are the same bows you see in big box stores like Gander. If you want to spend $300-$400 on a bow that's fine but you get what you pay for. No bells and whistles and usually not very good. Out of them all I would recommend the G5 line of bows (QUEST) are probably the best overall.  


Mathews, Hoyt, Elite, Prime and Bowtech are probably the top five bow manufacturers right now. These companies base models will still run you $800. Now you can go on Archery talk <----(click it for classifieds section) and purchase used bows from these companies. I have with great success purchasing bows and equipment on Archery Talk. 


Not sure as to your draw length?  Just measure from finger tip to finger tip with your arms stretched out and divide by 2.5.  


I measure 71.5 inches and that is 28.6 and I shoot a 29 inch draw bow.


Most bows today are very adjustable with modules.  But some are draw length specific.

I do not buy used equipment, I do not do trade in's.

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